House Rules

XP and Leveling

Experience points will not be used to calculate the speed of level ups. Instead, players will level up at ‘the speed of plot’. As most of the players in this campaign are more than familar with levels 1-5 you can expect that ‘plot’ will move a little faster at these levels than usual.


All players automatically gain the leadership feat at level 6.

New Ability Checks

When characters read books in the game world, they make an intelligence check to learn the information contained within the book. Wizards benefit from a +2 bonus to such checks, and all classes benefit from a +2 bonus if they possess a knowledge skill that pertains to the topic of the tome. These bonuses are cumulative.

Dimming your Character’s Inherent Luminescence

Bright Characters can make a constitution check each round to dim their natural brightness. They suffer a -2 to all rolls while doing so. Exception: any character with a +6 or higher modifer to the stealth skill can make a stealth check instead and recieve no penalties to rolls. At least once every ten minutes a Bright using stealth in this way must retake the stealth check to keep their natural brightness from reactivating.

House Rules

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