Below are the non-Bright races found in Rahmere. Brights come in varied races too numerous to presently list here.


Humans are the primary race of Rahmere and exist in four seperate cultures: the Moscovites, the Queshua, the Sahel, and the Wu-jen.


The second race of Rahmere, Trollkin are incredibly varied in their appearance, size, and abilities, but as a rule they are regenerative, resilient and strong. The exist in tens of different cultures with varying attitudes toward the stationary lifestyle of humans, varying from emulation to sustained rejection.

The Travellers

Travellers are the third race of Rahmere, thought they are said to exist primarily outside of the known world. They are a mysterious race of traders that ocassional appear in order to make bargins. Paradoxically, it is said that no human has every truely seen a Traveller.

Half-elves & half-orcs

The progeny of orcish and elven Brights.

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