the Brights

The Purpose of Brights

Almost every city has a ‘Bright’, and most of those that do not are struggling to get one. Some brights rule their cities absolutely, some liaise with the rulers.

Physical Description

When emotional or under mental or physical exertion (such as physical combat) a Bright’s eyes glow in an intense monochromatic light.

Brights are so called because they are literally very bright when compared to native races, and are much larger in stature. Brights that are human, elven, oe other medium-size player races are 7-8&1/2 feet tall and proportionate. Dwarves are 6 to 7 feet tall with their usual proportions. Unlike other bright races, gnomes, halflings and other small creatures remain small and at their normal height, but retain ‘brightness’ and epic stats.

the Brights

Bright Tesiren